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I am a Melbourne-based actor with over 25 years’ experience as a performer.

I have worked in a wide variety of roles across theatre, film, and television.

I am an energetic, versatile actor who welcomes challenges with an open heart.

I have a flair for comedy and character-based work. A genuine adoration of my fellow human beings is what drives my desire to explore interesting stories with amazing characters.

My creative project choices and ongoing training are driven by a vivid desire to

build an uninhibited, strong body of varied work that I can be proud of.

I have an immense work ethic and dedication to my community and the projects that I am involved with.

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Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favor

The clear standout in this cast is Julie-Anna Evans, who portrays the conflicted, frustrated Sharon, the daughter who has been there for her parent’s care day in and day out. Evans’ use of voice and physicality to portray Sharon’s deep frustration was superb, and you were left hanging off every word. Once she started talking you didn’t want her to stop.’


-Theatre Travels review of The Window Outside



‘In Ungraceful, Evans and Gasowski take us back to the days of Martin and Lewis, French and Saunders, and Abbott and Costello (without the pratfalls). For the most part Evans plays the straight man to Gasowski's clown. Evans is just as funny, but provides the strong wall for Gasowski to bounce off. ‘




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